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Become a Featured Author for AUGIuk

Writing an Article

Do you have expertise in Autodesk products? Would you like to share your knowledge with your fellow AUGI members? You can become an AUGIuk contributor! AUGIuk is actively seeking members willing to contribute technical tips and tricks, Autodesk product tutorials, or industry and management related experiences. Approved articles may be featured on the AUGIBr website or even in one of the AUGI publications, AUGI HotNews or AUGIWorld magazine.

Please download a template to write your contribution and submit it to the AUGIuk team.

Capturing a Video

We would love to feature a video tutorial that you have created! The process is simple: Using screen capture software, you create a short "screencast" video of how to perform your favorite Autodesk product tip or trick. Be sure to record your voice as well as you explain each step for those viewing. Send your video file(s) to AUGIuk and we will contact you. AUGIuk is here to provide you with the ideal platform to publish your video content.

Video Specs:

  • Your movie cannot exeed 10 minutes
  • The preferred format is wmv or swf
  • Each video file cannot exceed 10 mb

Revit UK System Wall Familes

Ralph Pullinger and Alan Wooldridge (one of the AUGIuk ccc Directors) are looking at developing a UK Based Wall System Family Template for Revit, and they require your help. Below is an overview from Alan:-

Threads have been started on the Architecture and Structure UK Localisation Forums, however it is suggested that we focus our efforts on the Architectural Forum for feedback.

I'm asking UK Revit Users to please post the different actual forms of wall constructions that you have been specifying and actually using over the last 10-20 years onto the Forum thread(s).

A spreadsheet with those wall constructions from the Victorian era up to the mid 90's can be found on the forum, however with the ever changing U-Values in Part L during the last 10-20 years, the question is what have you actually been specifying to meet these values. We would like to include these wall formats within the template for the sake of refurblishment projects and to make the format of the UK Wall Families as robust as possible.

Please help US help YOU.........

Alan Wooldridge


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