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UK Revit User Groups

UK Revit Register

AUGIuk Board Director Alan Wooldridge runs the the UK Revit Register found at:

UK Revit Register Linked-In Group

The idea of the UK Revit Register to enable users and companies using Autodesk Revit Architecture, Structure and MEP to find other users and companies also using Revit based products in their region so that they can collaborate with them on schemes using a common program.

It’s hoped that the register might promote some regional banding of individuals that may want to meet down the local public house or visit each others offices when they found out that they are not the only Revit user in the village.You never know, if enough people respond, perhaps Regional User Groups may form around the UK.

Those that already have or about too are listed below:-

BRUG ~ Bristol Revit User Group

New User Group looking for members in and around the Bristol Area.

Linked-In Group

ERUG ~Edinburgh Revit User Group

New User group Sister to the Glasgow Revit User Group.

Linked-In Group

GRUG ~ Glasgow Revit User Group

Held three meeting in 2010,

Linked-In Group

LRUG ~ London Revit User Group ~ formed 2010

Meeting held on or about the 3rd Wednesday, bi-monthly in Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept & Nov

Web Site

RUGLeeds ~ Revit User Group Leeds

New User Group

Linked-In Group

Bristol Revit User Group.

Contact Adam Carter for further details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Other Revit UK User Groups

There are various other Revit User groups presently being formed. If you wish to form or have formed a UK Revit User Group let Alan Wooldridge know and he will ensure that it gets publicity.



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