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There are a number of UK specific communities based around either specific software or Industry needs.

AUGIuk is open for anyone to join. We would even suggest that you start your own User group whether this be 3 people meeting down the pub to discuss a specific software issue; a Reseller sponsored User group or a group of companies getting together to exchange ideas and best practice.

There are already a number of these in existence and we welcome the oppurtunity to work with Users and groups alike.

Existing Communities are:

  • AutoCAD User Groups
  • Revit User Groups
  • Geospacial User Groups
  • CAD Management User Groups

UK Revit User Groups

UK Revit Register

AUGIuk Board Director Alan Wooldridge runs the the UK Revit Register found at:

UK Revit Register Linked-In Group

The idea of the UK Revit Register to enable users and companies using Autodesk Revit Architecture, Structure and MEP to find other users and companies also using Revit based products in their region so that they can collaborate with them on schemes using a common program.

It’s hoped that the register might promote some regional banding of individuals that may want to meet down the local public house or visit each others offices when they found out that they are not the only Revit user in the village.You never know, if enough people respond, perhaps Regional User Groups may form around the UK.

Read more: UK Revit User Groups

AUGIuk GeoSpatial Group

The 16th November saw the 2nd and another successful AUGIuk Geospatial User Group (GUG) meeting. The GUG, hosted at Autodesk’s offices in Farnborough and jointly sponsored by AIT Spatial and BenchMarq, was attended by over 40 people from all over the UK.

Read more: AUGIuk GeoSpatial Group

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