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What is AUGIuk

Autodesk User Group International (AUGI) is officially recognized by Autodesk and represents the worldwide community of Autodesk users at the global level. AUGI is broken down into Countries or Geographical Regions and for the United Kingdom AUGIuk as the official country body.

AUGIuk provides an environment that encourages users to help users. This peer-to-peer support is offered in a number of ways, including through online discussion groups, physical User Groups, events and through AUGI United Kingdom’s website. Rich web content gives members access to product usage advice, best practices, and other valuable information to increase productivity.

From the AUGIuk website, users can get technical help and support from their regional peers, but they can also tap into other official country chapter websites for information and assistance from the worldwide AUGI network. Because AUGIuk and other official country chapters are formed under the AUGI organization, the various country chapter websites have the same look and feel, thus ensuring smooth navigation for users from other country chapters.

AUGIuk provides British users a tremendous information resource for assistance in using Autodesk’s many software products. Beyond this, AUGIuk is a gateway for connection with other users worldwide.

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