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AUGIuk Organisation

Autodesk User Group International United Kingdom (AUGIuk) is led by Directors elected to the AUGIuk Board of Director. The Directors guides the various programs geared for the benefit of AUGIuk members.

As the worldwide entity that oversees the various countrys, AUGI relies on volunteers to help manage and run AUGI programs. Volunteers work together in teams to serve the AUGI worldwide community.

Information about becoming a volunteer for AUGIuk and the opportunities currently available can be found on the Volunteering page or by contacting the AUGIk Directors directly.

Whether a Director, an AUGIuk volunteer, or an individual member of AUGIuk, all support the organisation with the aim of exchanging information concerning the use of Autodesk products and related software. This information exchange may take place at the country level via the AUGIuk website or worldwide via access to the websites of other AUGI countrys.

"The AUGIuk is not only committed to providing a forum for all Autodesk users to share their ideas, experiences and problems, but there to provide handholding training not generally found in the Autodesk community. It is not the intention of the AUGI to replace ATC's, but to supplement this with a sense of community assistance. Our motto of 'Users Helping Users' is promoted to our membership as a community working together to strengthen each other and the community in general. We trust that you, the user, will benefit from being a member" .

Please see below the AUGIuk Directors who have been elected to serve the AUGIuk membership:

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