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Sponsor AUGIuk

AUGIuk are looking for sponsors to support the Autodesk User Community by advertising upon the AUGIuk Web Site or sponsoring specific events or groups.

AUGIuk work with many user groups over the UK and provide peer to peer support for Users of Autodesk software. AUGIuk are also involved in aiding the developement of UK standards, methodologies and conventions to aid Autodesk Users in the delivery of there work. AUGIuk are committed to improving the user experience and are involved in various events at both local and national level.

To aid with this we would welcome your sponsorship and need your help and support. If you are able to sponsor AUGIuk by either providing financial support, accomodation for User events or other methods of sponsorship then please contact us.

For further information please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will be contact by either Kelvin Donaldson (Chairman), Chris Wilson (Secretary), or Phil Madeley (Treasurer).

What is AUGIuk

Autodesk User Group International (AUGI) is officially recognized by Autodesk and represents the worldwide community of Autodesk users at the global level. AUGI is broken down into Countries or Geographical Regions and for the United Kingdom AUGIuk as the official country body.

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AUGIuk Organisation

Autodesk User Group International United Kingdom (AUGIuk) is led by Directors elected to the AUGIuk Board of Director. The Directors guides the various programs geared for the benefit of AUGIuk members.

As the worldwide entity that oversees the various countrys, AUGI relies on volunteers to help manage and run AUGI programs. Volunteers work together in teams to serve the AUGI worldwide community.

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AUGIuk Membership

An AUGIuk membership gives British users the ability to access a rich reserve of useful product information, advice on using various Autodesk products, and the valuable peer-to-peer support for which AUGI is famous.

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Sponsor AUGIuk